October 4, 2013

Catwalk crushes. The hidden Valentino treasures

Valentino SS14

Did you see the new Valentino spring-summer collection? Did you scan its shapes, fabrics and embroideries from head to the tip of the fingers, starting with necklaces, going through laces and down to the jewellery-case-like clutches?

Valentino SS14Valentino SS14

I’m sure you did, avidly, fascinated gazing at the photographs purposefully chosen to cover all of the most revealing angles. But there still is one more precious little secret, a gift hidden below the austere lengths of these dolls’ dresses…

Valentino SS14

And the miracle is greater still, as the Valentino runway shoes are catwalk crushes only a click away from becoming reality!


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Photo sources: Valentino, Vogue Italy