February 12, 2014

Catwalk crushes. Oscar de la Renta: a poem of jewellery and ideal silhouettes

Femininity, femininity, femininity… Oscar de la Renta designed for fall 2014 a complete wardrobe for the active woman leading a life filled with personal and professional events where she wants to be impeccably dressed, while showing an attention to detail that always underlines her spirit.

The ball-length deep cleavage flowy gowns, the day jackets and cardigans in saturated or earthy tones, the high-waisted wool trousers, they were all punctuated by a fluid and subtle hourglass silhouette that has invariably become her most valued accessory – at the office, attending a cocktail party or the very awarding of the Oscars.

All the while, accentuating these feminine touches were some of de la Renta’s typically luxurious signatures – ever unexpected laces, jewellery worn directly on lapels and dresses, and the most sophisticated pointed tip shoe that we’ll have as favourite for seasons to come.

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Watch the entire #oscardelarenta #odlrlive #FW2014 catwalk at #NYFW here.


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Photos: Oscar de la Renta