October 7, 2013

Catwalk crushes. In McQueen we trust

If you’re starting a week with clouds of overtime looming at the horizon, the number of meetings being surpassed only by the one of projects that you are struggling to juggle at the same time and have a feeling of difficult to manage news coming your way, then I recommend, from experience, a bit little of fashion therapy. And it’s not fashion-as-art type of inspiration that I have in mind, but rather a few precise pieces from the latest Alexander McQueen collection, fresh from the Paris runway.

We have prints matched by elaborate beadwork and feather embroideries with graphic, modern cuts as food for the soul. As for the body, daily-chaos-protecting helmets, a bit of support for the neck, keeping our gaze optimistically forward, a few bracelets strengthening our arms and will power, and a pair of exquisite platform shoes keeping us where we need to be – up there, above it all.

Alexander McQueen SS14Alexander McQueen SS14Alexander McQueen SS14Alexander McQueen SS14

But this is next season’s collection, right? So meanwhile, for guaranteed similar effects we can always well fall back on a McQueen cape or maybe even on a certain good-omen clutch…

Alexander McQueen clutch Luisa Via Roma

Bible book Alexander McQueen clutch, EUR 2 595 at Luisa Via Roma


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Photo source: Alexander McQueen