January 31, 2013

Carolina Herrera, a paramount of elegance, from Venezuela to Seoul


Elegance is something you are born with, something that can grow cultivated, something that is lived and breathed, something that gets created, all at the same time, if we are to think of Carolina Herrera’s Hollywood screenplay life.

And you must have been born under a lucky star to effortlessly grow from an aristocratic education in Venezuela to a modern and socialite youth shared with the likes of Andy Warhol to, then, reach maturity and just overnight become a miraculous designer.

In a recent interview for the Financial Times, Herrera seems to let read between the lines what could very well be her guiding life and career principles – ambition and elegance. ‘’If you have ambition and no talent you can’t do anything.’’ and ‘’The global business was never planned, although a career in fashion was probably inevitable.’’ are the phrases that probably best encapsulate what Carolina Herrera appears to the onlooker – a gifted person having been quite simply happy to live and fulfil her destiny.

Among her yet unaccomplished ambitions? To know more, help people and run her business. The possibility of starting afresh? Still there.

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Carolina Herrera was awarded the Council of Fashion Designers of America Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as numerous other distinctions of the Spanish state.

Since 1995, the Carolina Herrera fashion house is part of the Puig group, alongside Paco Rabanne, Prada, Nina Ricci and Jean Paul Gaultier. Her global network of stores spans across South America and the United States, in Europe is present in Spain, France, the UK and Poland, having also land posts in Seoul, Maputo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.


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