April 15, 2014

C for chips, H for Hamlet… The alphabet of the most original bags of the summer!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? Yes. Yes to all 3 questions and yes, they’re all bags! Bags, pouches and clutches of all shapes and sizes are not necessarily in the classic, even iconic lines of a Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton or Dior. Some of the biggest Houses – among which Alexander McQueen, Kenzo or Givenchy – frequently let their imaginations roam free towards fashion bags that equally thrill and intrigue. And Charlotte Olympia is famous for their ingenuity! But it just seems that never before has the offer been as eclectic as this season: the most original of the original bags of 2014 look likely to make for a Noah’s ark both metaphorically and literally…

Janina Nectara Fashion avec Passion bags

So, let’s see and rank our favourites! Might the flamingo be the most exciting pick? As I said, let’s just see…

the Flamingo – Moschino Cheap&Chic, EUR 470 at Luisa Via Roma

the bag of Chips – Anya Hindmarch, EUR 1 195 at Luisa Via Roma

the McDonald’s to go bag – Moschino, EUR 842 at Luisa Via Roma

the Venetian mask & Irish clover –  Azzurra Gronchi & An Italian Theory, EUR 365 at Luisa Via Roma

the Lips – Lulu Guinness, EUR 300 at Luisa Via Roma

the Pineapple – Charlotte Olympia, EUR 1 035 at Luisa Via Roma

the Jamaican spring – Giuseppe Zanotti, EUR 1 995 at Luisa Via Roma

the Tribal – Givenchy, EUR 295 at Luisa Via Roma

the Compass – Charlotte Olympia, EUR 1 265 at Luisa Via Roma

the Fish – Kenzo, EUR 225 at Luisa Via Roma

Hamlet – Ines Figaredo, EUR 2 550 at Luisa Via Roma

the (human hair) Scalp – Ines Figaredo, EUR 1 325 at Luisa Via Roma

the Storybook – Olympia Le-Tan, EUR 1 200 at Luisa Via Roma

the ’’guardian Angel’’ – Vlieger&Vandam, EUR 245 at Luisa Via Roma

Burlesque – Benedetta Bruzziches, EUR 861 at Luisa Via Roma

the Matchbox – Anya Hindmarch, EUR 1 575 at Luisa Via Roma

Betty Boop – Charlotte Olympia, EUR 1 065 at Luisa Via Roma

the Gingerbread house – Olympia Le-Tan, EUR 1 015 at Luisa Via Roma


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Photos: Anya Hindmarch, Luisa Via Roma