March 19, 2014

Buy Acqua di Gio and donate for UNICEF’s Tap Project!

Armani’s partnership and sponsorships for UNICEF continue. And the options they provide for lending a hand are just as diverse as they are efficient. Because the objective – clean, drinkable water for the children who continue being deprived of this fundamental right – is one of an unimaginable magnitude. 768 million people don’t have access to adequate drinking water, while 2,5 billion live in dangerously poor sanitary conditions. And, also, because a minimal help goes a long way. It takes just USD 5 to provide a child with clean, safe water for 200 days.

Infested water can kill. Help UNICEF help those in the greatest need! For every bottle of Acqua purchased by March 31, Armani directs USD 5 to the UNICEF Tap Project.

Or discover the ingenious way in which you can unlock a donation by just keeping away from your phone!

Armani Acqua for Life UNICEF Tap Project

Armani Acqua for Life UNICEF Tap Projectacqua di gio – set Armani acqua for life, 102 USD

Armani Acqua for Life UNICEF Tap ProjectAcqua for Life, 108 USD

Armani Acqua for Life UNICEF Tap ProjectAcqua for Life, 88 USD


Put down your phone, save a child’s life. Take the UNICEF Tap Project Challenge and go without your cell phone to give clean water to kids. Visit to begin your challenge today. For every 10 minutes you stay away from your phone, you will unlock a sponsor’s donation. The funds raised will be used for water, sanitation and hygiene programs in countries with the most need.

Armani Acqua for Life UNICEF Tap Project


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