July 31, 2013

Burberry Childrenswear Fall 2013 – A Collection For Kids With Attitude


Along with the baby boom of recent years, the rise in luxury childrenswear sales has also gone up remarkably. The market for luxury kids’ attire easily exceeds 60 billion Euro in annual revenue on a global scale, prompting the most prestigious designers in the world to put their best efforts into dressing cute youngsters that are only a couple of years of age, more so than into providing outfits for the most adored actress in Hollywood.

Pitti Bombo (Florence), Plush (Posh Little Urbanites Show – Los Angeles) or Global Kids Fashion Week (London), are just some of the grand events during which pint-sized models strut own the runways to showcase the latest collections signed by some of the most important fashion houses, such as Burberry, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Dior or Jean Paul Gaultier.



Also notable is the fact that just within the last year, the ”kids’ swimwear” category has recorded a rise by 25% within the Swimwear Association of Florida’s Swim Show, prompting that this year’s Miami Swim Week event add even more children’s swimwear collections to its line-up.

I currently don’t have any mischievous little tot to dress in the latest designer creations, but if I had one, I’d definitely transform him or her into a veritable mini me, with the new Burberry Kids collection, which transfers in the most playful of ways, the outfits proposed by Christopher Bailey to adults in his latest Fashion Week show, into children’s wardrobes.



Classic trench coats with edgy rubber inserts, cool leather biker jackets, soft knitwear and a super sweet heart motif etched onto dresses and sweaters, all part of the Burberry Fall 2013 collection as well, are just as tempting in miniature versions. Have a look for yourself:

[nggallery id=550]


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Photos courtesy of: stylepantry.com