June 19, 2012

Bronzing powders, for caramel cheeks

You don’t have to lie in the sun from morning till night so you get a nice color on your face. It’s not healthy, and it’s not worth it. After the tan goes away, your skin will look older, with more wrinkles.

Still, if you do want your skin to have a sheer, natural, bronzed colour, you can choose bronzing powders.  Just pick  a shade that is closer to your natural color, and wipe it on your nose, chin and forehead, just in the places where sun touches you naturally.

Bronzing powders are also good if you want to sculpt your face, to make it look thinner. All you have to do is apply a little powder on the sides of you face and nose. Also, holding your chin up, apply the bronzer to your neck. Though bronzers hide blemishes, it also highlights wrinkles. This is why it’s better to apply little product and to avoid the eye area.

Here’s a couple of bronzing powders to shop:

Bronzing Powder Sla Bio, 27€, beautyspell.ro



Bronzing Powder Estee Lauder, 34€, strawberrynet.com


Bronzing Powder Kisses, 29€, glamy.ro

Bronzing Powder L’Oreal Paris, 11€, produsecosmetice.ro

Miss Sporty Ooh Tan So Fine, 4€, parfummania.ro 

Photos: misswhoeveryouare.com