January 11, 2013

Breakfast at Barneys?

If I were in New York, I’d be extremely happy. And if I were in New York, I’d go window shopping at Tiffany’s, jogging in Central Park and I’d take a ferry ride to Staten Island just for the fun of it. And I’d be happiest.

Barneys New York

But it appears that should I want to breathe the thin air of high luxury, I’d have to go to Barneys New York.

And this is because Luxury Daily had the Big Apple store named Luxury Retailer of the Year and also because I have a carefully crafted plan for how I could pretend not being fully convinced and maybe getting to take a Barneys tour of the US, even if just through Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago, for mere feeling of the true in store experience praised by Luxury Daily in its nomination.

Of course, an important factor among the criteria taken into consideration for the careful weighting of Barneys against its strongest contenders – Mr Porter and Harrods – has been made up from the online shopping and social media and mobile commerce features of the American retailer.

The innovative, technologically friendly and personalized character of all of these communication and sales channels, claims the same magazine, are so very useful and easy to access that they easily persuade the shopper to enjoy his online experience almost just as much as the one offered at the historic store on the avenue.

Barneys New York

We do give them credit and we do value the presence of Barneys New York among great luxury stores to its rightful standing. But we would so much love brushing shoulders with Sarah Jessica Parker just out the store atop a pair of Manolo Blahniks! It would only be fair for us to live or very own American dream to better understand how a discount store opened with Barney Pressman’s wife engagement ring money got to be, in the ’70, the first US Giorgio Armani authorized retailer and, most importantly, in the 2010s,  part of our fantasies!


Photo sources: kitmeout.com, mosnarcommunications.com, elle.com