February 25, 2016

#BraveCut – centimeters of hair, turned into kilometers of hope

We, sadly, live in a world where we’re being weighed up, labeled and judged by the way we look. We are being finger-pointed or cast doubting looks if we happen to fall short of meeting the beauty standards society is used to. Well, cancer doesn’t discriminate! Why would we?

We’ve got to encourage people to look beneath the surface, much deeper than hair, skin or clothing allow us to…

And we’ve got to help, wherever and however we can. Donating a few centimeters of our hair can mean a new chapter, one of renewed hope and optimism, in the live of someone having undergone chemotherapy.

That’s why I invite all women who feel closeness to this cause to donate 15 cm – the minimum donation – for a noble purpose. It’s a matter of 15 cm of hair that are bound to be turned into kilometers of hope and optimism.

And if your hair is short, you can make a monetary contribution for the making of the wigs. It’s quite an expensive process (about EUR 200 for a short hair wig and EUR 330 for a long hair one), and some donors haven’t managed to also cover this cost. Reason why, Fundatia Renasterea could also use your support for the actual turning into wigs of the hair already donated.

Therefore, I invite you to be brave! Be brave and start a new chapter in at least two lives, with a #BraveCut or a donation made to Fundatia Renasterea!