March 24, 2011

Boy George and Kanye West set the pace of applauses for VIVIENNE WESTWOOD


Regarded as one of the ground-breaking designers of the world’s fashion stage, Vivienne Westwood showed her Gold Label Fall/Winter Collection 2011-2012 at Pavilion Concorde in Paris. Wrapped in the photographers’ flashlights, Boy George and Kanye West set the pace from the first row of the applauses for Vivienne Westwood. And, trust me, they are not the only star-fans of the extravagant British designer.

Gwen Stefani even dedicated Vivienne her song, Rich Girl, in which the singer mentions her favourite designer. More than that, Stefani later added that she would spend all her money on clothes signed by Westwood.

Vivienne Westwood is one of the exponents of the punk phenomenon and her latest collection took no exception to the nonconforming style she had accustomed us to as early as the 70’s. Eccentric make-up and defiant hairdo took up the eclectic air she comes up with for each and every of her défilés.

Westwood is the living proof that fashion has no limits. The same collection includes a blend of clothing items displaying contrastive styles or textures which could have been fused into such avant-garde look by the gifted London designer alone.

You can say absolutely anything about Vivienne Westwood’s designs, except that they are boring. The inarticulate juxtaposition of the elegant English cloth outfits with multicoloured legwarmers, boots fully set in golden spangles and massive gowns made up of taffeta make sense in her collection only.

In anticipation of the insatiate curiosity of the fashionistas all over the world to find out “what’s hip”, the designer’s work is a successful deconstruction of the myths of the season trends, proving that anything goes with anything or, in other words, the sky’s the limit.

“It was amazing. Absolutely amazing spectacle! Really great! She’s a genius,” said Boy George backstage. But when I asked him to name his favourite designers, he refused to answer clearly: “Well… It’s pretty like saying which is your favourite musician. I think there are a lot of great people. I don’t have a favourite. I think taking sides is dangerous,” laughed the singer.

At the end of the show, the bride of the collection performed a graceful throw of the flower bouquet. I wasn’t quick enough to catch the bouquet, but the lucky catcher of the valuable ‘spoils’ was none other than the comic actor, Nicolas Ullmann. And to avoid all envious annoyance at his small victory, he invited us all to his future wedding.

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