November 22, 2012

BookMarc, the fashionable store by Marc Jacobs

The previous days I was in Paris. An inflation of fashionable events attracted all the fashion industry in “The City of Lights”.

Just when I was preparing my luggage, I received a super-invitation which convinced me there is no better way than to delay my flight and extend my Parisian journey three days more, specially for the event.  Not every you get to be invited to the BookMarc launch in Paris, right?!

BookMarc is an atypical store, a magical place bringing together under one roof the most en vogue international titles. Rarissime fashion, photography and design books, and even French classical literature were carefully chosen by Jennifer Baker, director of  BookMarc. Jennifer has managed to achieve an excellent selection for all lovers of art and literature.

Do not confuse it with a dusty library. BookMarc is a young, friendly, funny space, animated by illustrations, crayons, invitations, envelopes, postcards, all emblazoned with funny messages. Yes, Marc Jacobs really has thought of everything!

You can even find a comfy sofa, having more literary features than architectural, which invites you to browse the books on the shelves. But the charm of the Parisian shop is actually the BookMarc Team – joyful, helpful, creating a chic atmosphere.

If you happened to be in Paris, you have to make a visit to the Bookmarc store. It’s THE PLACE of the moment and you need to be there!

Plenty of gift ideas will smile you from the wooden shelves: laptop bags, phone pouches / cases, notebooks, custom stickers, mini jewelry, but the best would be to let you discover personally the other marvels.

If you like my red laptop bag, star in three online Vogue editions (France, Spain and Russia) you can certainly find it here or online at Marc Jacobs.

Meanwhile, being fascinated like a kid in a candy store, I conscientiously completed my shopping list with:
Karl Lagerfeld – You Can Leave Your Hat On;

Vivienne Westwood – Do It Yourself;

Tom Ford’s movie – A Single Man, and the one of the famous Vogue photographer, David Bailey – Four Beats To The Bar and No Cheating.

Happy BookMarcShopping!

Memory of the event: Gabrielle Marie (, Jennifer Baker (BookMarc Director) and the charming BookMarc Team.