January 15, 2013

Bond enjoying awards and millions, courtesy of Adele and Tom Ford

As glamorously confirmed by the Golden Globes, Adele and Skyfall are triumphant in this red carpets movie awards season, and it seems like the lustre on 007 has never been more polished.

Elegance and exquisite style, at least as fashion and cars go, are an integral part of James Bond’s very persona. Over the last 51 years, MI6’s secret agent has seduced and relinquished quite a few hearts and could have easily sported on any of the world’s great runways. Both qualities less discrete – and not secret at all – than his profession might advise.

Omega James Bond

And in the meantime, M has quite literally pushed Bond’s spectacular missions to new heights, and the people behind the British production have perfected their craft as luxury partnerships artisans, to the degree of having built history’s most lucrative movie franchise.

The latest of the 007 films, multi nominated and already winner at the box office, sees James Bond classically and quite simply perfectly dressed by Tom Ford and wearing a, if possibly even more accurate, Omega, bearing statement of an apparent contract between the British services and the Swiss watchmaker, starting sometime 6 Bond movies ago.

Omega James Bond

Swarovski has, in its turn, delicately highlighted the beauty of the exotic Bond girl, and yet the sums behind these contracts are undisclosed. Should we take as point of reference the USD 45 million paid by Heineken to have its brand associated with 007’s image, we can, nonetheless, speculate that the Eon producers are most probably well secured for affording to offer their audience even more stunning locations.

Swarovski James Bond


Photo sources: omegawatches.com, latinfashionews.com