March 13, 2014

Blooming up spring: Burberry Petal!

I think I ran into a bag that speaks a lot of foreign languages, today… I know it’s an affirmation demanding to be explained, so I’ll try to put into words what Burberry Petal easily gets through thanks to its complex English rose voice.

Obviously, The Petal knows the English of Burberry Prorsum, but also speaks softly yet clearly about its pastel colours and supple shape, pronounces to perfection droplets of colour taking the shape of polka dots or stripes and tells adventurous stories of leather, furs, metallic inserts and unexpected vinyl ornaments.

But when Burberry Petal truly speaks my mind is, actually, in contrast with the romantic feel of the spring-summer collection. When it has a simple, modern design, in an almost neutral sandy tone…

alligator leather Burberry Petal, antique yellow or indigo purple, EUR 6 000


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Photos: Burberry