January 14, 2013

Bjorn Borg the man, the Tennis Rockstar. Bjorn Borg the brand, the Champion of Fashion Underwear

Today starts the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam tournament of the season and the one tennis legend 5 times in a row Wimbledon winner and 6 times French Open champion Björn Borg never won.

But what today defines the professional life of the Swede is not tennis any more, but his tens of millions business aiming to become the Champion of Fashion Underwear.

Bjorn Borg

Under the Björn Borg label and the tribute slogan Wear the legend. Be the rockstar., from the 1990s onward, the creation of the brand started, getting to beautifully design underwear, sportswear, and, under licence, footwear, bags, eyewear and fragrances.

Quality and Playful, Vibrant and Daring innovative design are what has come to define its products as well as the 56 stores presence having as main markets Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and, starting last year, a bold footing in China.

Bjorn Borg

2011 has brought 9 new stores and a EUR 60 million turnover, while 2012 saw Borg reunite with friend and fellow legend John McEnroe for a limited edition collection and got the Björn Borg collection specially presented at the London Fashion Week.

It seems that fashion and activities such as the Mathare Youth Sports Association, organisation promoting the young healthily developing through sport, have come to complete and enrich the life of a man having met his tennis genius potential by the age of 26 and who appears to have kept his creativity off court.

Bjorn Borg

If you are more passionate about tennis than underwear, here are two short graphic analyses of the evolution of the elegant sport’s fashion over the years:

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