July 30, 2013

Bikini-Ready In Record Time!


That diet set for March has been moved to July and the money for a GYM membership got spent on a new pair of sandals? I have the feeling that I’m not the only one in this situation. Don’t panic, though! There are a couple of clever tricks which will make your body look beach-ready in just a few minutes!

>> Get a tan! A tanned body looks slimmer and imperfections such as cellulite or thin stretchmarks will be almost invisible on a chocolate-y skin. Use a self-tanning spray for a dash of colour before heading to the beach for the real thing.

>> The old trick that involves tracing a line of shimmer/highlighter over the fron of your legs can be even more effective if coupled with some extra shadowing. To achieve this, take a thick brush and trace a line of bronzing powder over the side of each leg, from thigh to ankle.

>> Another similar trick involves applying some hydrating oil or an after-shower shimmering lotion, which will make your skin glow, thus making your silhouette appear slimmer.

>> Distract attention with your hair and makeup. A coloured eyeliner (turquoise looks sensational with a tanned complexion!) and a mane of beach hair à la Giselle Bundchen will draw attention away from your problem-areas.


>> Hydrate! Make sure you drink enough liquids (water, sugarfree iced tea – not the artificially sweetened bottled kind though) in order for your skin to have a looking-good boost from the inside. Also, don’t forget to hydrate and exfoliate your skin regularly, and you’ll automatically appear skinnier.

>> Avoid salty foods. Salt stimulates water retention within the body and you wouldn’t want your belly or your thighs to resemble a couple of swimming cushions that keep you on the water surface.

>> Use an anti-cellulite serum which diminishes the dreaded orange peel look after just a few applications, by stimulating the body to sweat and thus eliminate extra water.

>> Watch your posture and make sure you always sit up straight. Not that this piece of advice should be limited to when wearing a swimsuit!

>> Choose the right swimsuit for your silhouette, so that your assets will be enhanced and your flaws will be camouflaged.


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Photos courtesy of: fashionisers.com, becomegorgeous.com