July 11, 2013

BFF/Best Fashion Friend for me and you, Victoria Beckham!

That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between Victoria Beckham

We’re halfway through summer and, at least for me and scores of other women, we’re talking about far more than a date on the calendar. It means that we’ve only cocktail dressed our way through half of the weddings season, that we’re just starting to be high with summer sales shopping fever, that we still don’t know what to pack for holidays and that we just need a breezy read for poolside bliss.

If your summer concerns are the same as mine, let me tell you that Victoria Beckham has also been here. More than that, she got a bestseller together to share all of the beauty and style tips she’s been collecting throughout her posh life balancing act between general happiness and a successful fashion career.

In That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between – USD 19.99 at Amazon – Victoria tells all about how she dresses for special occasions and nothing-but-the-truth on her everyday look principles, as seen from her international fashion icon vantage point and from the insight given by a career often having her pampered by Vogue stylists and posing next to none-other-than-Karl Lagerfeld for none-other-than-Mario Testino!

More useful advice than from an insider of the high fashion kingdom scaled for quite simply feeling and looking great every time you leave the house is hard to come by. And a summer read more girly girl, frank and, on top of that, making you friends with Victoria Beckham there’s only one other – Learning to Fly: The Autobiography. I think I just had all my summery problems sorted and even one more than I originally bargained for!

Victoria Beckham Karl Lagerfeld


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Photo sources: Victoria Beckham, Amazon