March 25, 2013

Best of Tokyo Fashion Week (II)

Tokyo Fashion Week is, the catwalks brought to life by edgy and strongly distinct stiles prove it, a true melting pot of lines, concepts and schools. Japanese, Asian and world designers bring, with their education and very personal aesthetics, their own pieces to the big mosaic, so complex and diverse that it makes for the, probably, least homogenous and most fascinating fashion week.

CHRISTIAN DADA – a unique vision, the unleashing of a strongly individual creativity

THEATRE PRODUCTS – bold pieces – foreign stiles and influences underpinned by Japanese elegance

motonari ono – Japanese design with London experience and a drop of Dutch originality

support surface – casual chic with a twist

Conny Groenewegen – quality, in its most traditional sense, made contemporaneous by innovation


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Photo source: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo