January 17, 2013

Best Of Milan Men’s Fashion Week F/W 2013 (II)

Follow Fashion avec Passion’s Best Of Milan Men’s Fashion Week series to find out about the hottest menswear trends for the Fall/Winter 2013 season:

Bottega Veneta

For Bottega Veneta F/W 2013, Tomas Maier created a dark collection, with sharp silhouettes that manage to keep their air of elegance.

Focusing his attention on suits and coats, Maier mostly sent out on the runway monochrome looks, devoid of any usual details such as buttons or zippers (which he hid within the folds of the fabric), but instead sprinkled with a few playful details, such as a wave of subtle prints on a few outfits and even a dose of salmon pink, which only served to accentuate the refinement of the looks.

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The Iceberg F/W Menswear show was opened with a series of looks with geometric details, with straight-across cuts along the collars, smart layering and kaleidoscope prints, and went on to feature looks with graphic detailing, for a modern and super fresh vibe.

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Salvatore Ferragamo

Luxury with a hint of toughness – this is what the Salvatore Ferragamo by Massimiliano Giornetti looked like. Focusing on outerwear, the designer sent out onto the runway a series of looks whose dark allure was sweetened by the precious fabrics used to create them – leather, cashmere, shearling or rubberised leather. Pulling away from last season’s neon line-up, Giornetti proposed for the cold season a set of ”almost black” looks – almost-black-blue, almost-black-brown, almost-black-green – “the effect of black but not black”, according to the designer’s backstage declaration.

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Calvin Klein

For the Fall/Winter 2013 season, Italo Zucchelli, creative director for Calvin Klein’s Menswear line, imagined a collection in which classic silhouettes of a traditional elegance are brought into the present with modern details, along with a hint of futurism.

The herringbone and houndstooth prints, along with chevron stripes, were all embossed directly onto the fabric, creating a 3D effect, while leather inserts provided the collection with a bit of toughness, in tone with the cold season, but also fresh and youthful, just like the brand’s signature style.

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Vivienne Westwood

Just like every year, Vivienne Westwood shocked her audience with a show made up of outfits one more extravagant than the other. For the Fall/Winter 2013 season, Dame Westwood suggests colourful looks with exaggerated proportions and a surprising mix of prints – from houndstooth to leopard, along with a series of ”dandy” looks, which include baggy pants, cardigans in electric shades or suits with multicoloured prints, but also a set of formal outfits, with a distinct air of elegance, such as a suite of white suits with playful details.

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Surse foto: style.com, gq-magazine.co.uk