May 5, 2015


Wishing to live life as in the pages of Vogue?
Fashion brands will offer you an exclusive lifestyle through their opulent hotels, especially designed to make you feel both comfortable and glam!
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They’re genuine architectural jewels, and interior design or architecture magazines compete against fashion revues in applauding their achievements. Even if they stay on the radar of mainly the fashion-honed traveller, designer hotels have turned into a business that is not that narrow, but rather… global.

Over the years, an impressive number of brands and designers have partnered with hotel chains in order to create catwalk-like ambiances. Those appreciating their ready-to-wear can live the life(style) promoted by these great brands. Because beautiful clothing demands to be worn in spaces rising up to the occasion.


Palazzo Versace Dubai

Palazzo Versace in Queensland Australia was the very first fashion-labelled hotel. This happened in 2000. In 2014, 8 years after its construction, Palazzo Versace Dubai joined the ranks.

Its design blends classic European motifs with Arab decorations, while keeping the Medusa icon, Versace’s trademark, present throughout – on the furniture, floors or sheets. While the guests are to be served in Rosenthal Versace dishes, all especially conceived by Donatella Versace.

Ever since, the hospitality trend has been taken on by many other designers as well. Here are the most voguish hotels to be checking in at:


Portrait Suites Rome

It’s a hotel dedicated to Salvatore Ferragamo. On the walls, displayed are framed ads created by the designer. Among the decorations are also invoices of Marilyn Monroe and other celebrities of the Golden Age of Hollywood, coming to show that they all actually did pay for their Ferragamo shoes.

Dior: St. Regis, New York

If you walk down 5th Avenue in NY, St. Regis is making its case using themed rooms and suites, bearing the imprint of leading brands such as Tiffany or Bottega Veneta.

One of them is truly special. An imperial suite measuring 1 700 m2 paying homage to Dior’s Parisian offices.

It’s furnished with exclusivist Louis the XVI pieces, and the walls seem to be displaying ongoing preparations for a fashion show, since the decorations show various feminine figures wearing Dior dresses.

Still, we’re not talking about a room merely expressing the essence of elegance. An American functionality touch is also added by the complementary butler available and ready 24/24.

Christian Lacroix: Le Notre Dame, Paris

Christian Lacroix has designed 3 Paris hotels, some of them labelling themselves as “haute couture” hotels, meaning that each room has its own distinct character.

Vera Wang: Halekulani, Honolulu, Hawaii

Vera Wang has let the world know that in her creations, you can not only get married, but also live. She conceived the design of a Honolulu hotel suite.

It’s furnished with pieces from her homeware line.

The table is constantly being supplied with snacks hand-picked by the designer, and in the cooler there’s champagne to be served by the butler at the visitors’ beck and call.

Not far over the seas, in Jamaica, more precisely, Round Hill Hotel & Villas is used to hosting various celebrities. They say it’s the most elegant resort in the Caribbean, and how else could it be since Ralph Lauren himself managed with its design?!

And it really is a corner of paradise – water sports, spas, other recreational activities are all included in the price. Maybe that’s why it won a 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.

Betsey Johnson “Eloise” Suite: The Plaza Hotel, New York

Even if you’re no longer a kid, it’s impossible not to be charmed by the Eloise suite at NYC’s Plaza Hotel. This as the forever young and restless designer Betsey Johnson has turned it into a fairytale-land: furniture in fondant colours, candy-pink walls, caramel carpets… It’s made up of a children’s and a grown ups’ room, but it’s easy to get confused which one is which.

Diane von Fürstenberg: Claridge’s, London

Another fashion legend to have signed a hotel suite is DvF.

This time, it’s Claridge’s, in London. A royal decor, to which Fürstenberg has added playful prints, bold colours, striking a contrast against the art deco of the building.


The apartment is made up of 1 900 m2 of elegance, accessorised with a marble fireplace, cashmere blankets, private leather-lined bar and photographs of the designer in various travels in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The cups are Murano glass and the hand made china stems from Bali.

Diane says that “Claridge’s is the most glamour hotel in the world.”. And it would better be, as the price starts at USD 10 000 a night.

Badgley Mischka Imperial Designer Suite: The Breakers, Palm Beach

Hotel chains do associate with world-known designers in order to revitalise the look of their business, and the investment can truly be colossal.

It’s the case of the Renaissance Hotel in Palm Beach, the refurbishment of which cost 80 million dollars. The icing on the cake – a Badgley Mischka signature suite.

Giorgio Armani: Armani Hotel, Dubai and Milan

The greatest aura in the hospitality business is that of Armani.

He is planning to open 7 hotels, the world over, all donning the same minimalistic style that has fashion lovers seduced.

A style so appreciated that it placed him among the richest designers in the world for years in a row. The beginning is already very promising. Dubai and Milan are the cities to enjoy the two of the future seven designer creations.

Italian fashion has peaked thanks to Giorgio Armani.

His hotel is being hosted by the world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa Dubai.

There’s an apartment of 4 200 m2 – an entire floor -, with a spectacular view over the Arabian Gulf, there for you to admire while doing your cardio workout in the private gym.

And to top the extravagance, a more careful look at the plans of the hotel shows it to have been built in the shape of an A.

Another successful hotel chain is that belonging to Bvlgari.

The Bali resort is one hedonistic land, made up of private villas, each one of them with a private pool. The furniture and decorations are hand made by local artisans under the supervision and guidance of Bvlgari designers. And in order to truly feel the local flavour, the resort has on offer a rich selection of antiquities and local art.

The total opposite are their London and Milan hotels. The one in London has been especially built as to evoke silver, the metal some of the inspiration Bvlgari jewelry is made of. Even the curtains are patterned with a nod to some of the brand’s landmark brooches, from the 1800s.

Oscar de la Renta: Tortuga Bay Resort, Punta Cana, The Dominican Republic

Another in the vogue hotel to highly-viewed check in at is in Punta Cana, The Dominican Republic.

Oscar de la Renta has transferred some of the romance of his creations to a Caribbean beach resort made out of natural materials found on the island: wood, wicker… to lead one into the authentic, exotic feel of the place. Nonetheless, one is not completely cut off from the world, as modernism comes to make its invariable point. Each villa is fitted with the latest models of LCD displays, DVD players & jacuzzi. The doors open right onto the ocean, and a manager is available non stop for all kinds of services. To find you a nanny in the blink of an eye or set up your airport transfer making sure you can skip the boarding lines.

Missoni: Missoni Hotel, Kuwait and Edinburgh

The over 50 years of Missoni fashion have successfully made the transition to hotels. It’s among the most affordable hotels from among the designer hotels, while its services are impeccable.

If you are tempted by living the Vogue life, Missoni can see your dream come true. In Kuwait or Edinburgh.

Almost 10 million tiles render the famous zigzag pattern of the House. An impressive mosaic like a puzzle. The interior seems an explosion of colour, with bold prints. The guests are also being spoiled with Missoni robes, towels and toiletries.

Karl Lagerfeld: Schlosshotel im Grunewald, Berlin

Of course, there is no trend in this world to remain untapped, un-adopted and not reinterpreted by Karl Lagerfeld. And if it’s hotels that are fashionable, let is be hotels what we make…

If we don’t count the 100% chocolate apartment made in 2011, Karl Lagerfeld has had one major collaboration with a Berlin hotel. It has 54 rooms and was built a century ago, as palace/residence to the Kaiser’s confidant and counsellor. Restored under the careful supervision of the German designer, it holds on to its lofty air, including with excellently preserved Belle Epoque furniture.


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