October 10, 2011

Best blogger, best look, best show: Bryanboy & Chanel

Chaos, congestion, streets with no way out and cab shortage. This is what Paris turns into on the day of the Chanel défilé. A few thousands of privileged people who will attend the show of the season and, in addition, a few other thousands of nosy gapers throng in as early as the day breaks.

But this perfect Babel has, however, a charm of its own which is paid off through unforgettable looks which will travel around the world in the fashion magazines, because only twice a year (and, at times, in the couture season as well), le Grand Palais offers itself to be the setting of the one and only world’s fashion SPECTACLE.

And if Chanel is the most memorable show in Paris, the most striking look of all its stylish guests is the one you can see below.

From the first row of exclusive fashion shows or the Times Square billboards, Bryan Grey Yambao (www.bryanboy.com) – my favorite fashion blogger (mine and some other millions of followers as well) – sets the trends with his unique alluring style.

With a great sense of mixing different textures & colors, Bryan stands out in the fashion crowd. In terms of apparel and accessories, every item he wears quickly becomes the best seller of the season. Reason for which designer are constantly singing his praises and fans cannot stop from keeping a close eye on his nonconformist chic appearances or his witty informative writing about fashion.

Bryanboy – the best dressed and the best blogger at the best fashion show. Many bests, but that’s what fashion week is all about. Gathering la creme de la creme of the industry.

I don’t know if my finger’s actually drawing attention to Bryan’s outfit above or tries to point out up-to-the-minute fashion trends.

Wait! I guess there’s no difference.