October 21, 2016

Best 3 apps to boo-tify your Halloween makeup

Do you think this is for kids? Well… Think again!

You may not have the time or the courage to put on a bold excentric makeup for a Halloween party, but you must admit that you thought about it. Or the idea/question “how would I look like that” popped out in your mind at least once… And since there’s a solution for everything, I took my phone –Samsung Galaxy S7– and looked for an answer on Magazin Play, Android’s apps shopping destination.

In the end that’s why the mobile applications were invented for! To give you cool, fun ideas of what you would look like if you were a vampire, a zombie or an abstract monster… Or not? 🙂

Either way, I have selected three of the most popular (free) apps to help you look gorgeously spooky!

Tons of freaky make-up ideas, masks or entire looks will inspire you in making the perfect choice for the Halloween party. Even if you don’t plan to go to a costume party, you can anyway have loads of fun. Just upload a picture of yourself and let the apps entertain you either with a smile either with a chilly sensation on your skin. For sure it will not leave you indifferent.

I have used the same picture just to show you how each of them works. Let the horror filters work for you!

  1. PHOTO LAB – is making a great job with face photo montages, filters and more than 500 effects that will turn yourself into a pirate, an astronaut, nun, indian or the character of a horror movie (as you can see below). Ideally for costume dressing makeovers. Enjoy! I definitely did!





2. MAKE ME VAMPIRE – is the perfect app to show you how would you look like if you were a vampire. It decorates your picture with vampire teeth, bleeding objects and horror frames. By using the objects to pictures, you can change it totally. Do not hesitate to make someone a scary surprise! 🙂




3. VAMPIRE CAMERA – a great tool for customised magic mirror effects and face paint. Extremely easy to use, this app works with a great variety of stickers which you can add to your photo and create a quite realistic vampire or monster version of yourself.