January 22, 2013

Benetton commits to detox by 2020, Greenpeace hopes for high street adhesions


Benetton Group, world-famous for its United Colors of Benetton label, as well as for Sisley and Playlife, brings the most recent adhesion to the Detox initiative, launched by Greenpeace  in 2011.

Precisely, it means that Benetton is committing to a timeline for eliminating all dangerous chemicals from its supply process, transition set to be completed by 2020.

The company, generating an EUR 2 billion annual turnover and having a network of 6 500 stores spanning 120 countries, is one of a series of, so far, 13 other clothing groups having agreed to abide by the toxic free fashion objective. Greenpeace hopes for Benetton to be blazing a trail towards more high fashion endorsements to the campaign and its principles.



Photo sources: weheartit.com, moda.pourfemme.it