November 26, 2015

Valentino Donna is the fragrance of elegance

Floral fragrances are the most popular among women. Of course, though, not all perfumes – be they floral or otherwise – have been created equal.

One of the best examples of this happens to be a recent addition to the fragrance world: Valentino Donna. It happens, of course, but it’s no chance that it does.

Like any Valentino creation, in general, and like any perfume bearing the signature of the illustrious House Valentino Garavani founded in Rome 55 years ago, a strong essence of couture will always be part of the blend.

That’s why, Valentino Donna uses an olfactory expression – and not only – that is essentially unique: delicacy, grace, finely underlining a woman’s innate magic. With respect to this last of ingredients – the ‘what it truly means to be a woman’ – the Valentino interpretation embodied by actress Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey tries to explain the mystery by revealing the inner contrast of a woman able to stir a sudden rise of passion while proving, at the same time, unexpected shyness.

This way, the character of Donna is one as charming as it is deep. Rose, bergamot, Pallida iris, patchouli and vanilla are the olfactory ingredients of Valentino Donna. And its bottle, cut into decorative prisms reminding of the legendary Valentino Rockstud, allows for a glimpse of the pale pink liquid inside, like a fleeting look into the spirit of this iconic donna.

Valentino Donna

Fragrances have always fascinated through the multitude of windows they open to sometimes unfathomed corners of one’s personality. In Valentino Donna, nevertheless, I’ve discovered the most unexpected of sensations: that of absolute elegance. A subtle elegance that, through this very subtlety, almost ethereal, manages to fascinate even more.

Valentino Donna


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Photos: Valentino