June 5, 2013

Beauty Tricks: Waterproof Your Hair & Makeup


As much as we love the summer season for the reason that it lets us indulge in any guilty pleasure when it comes to stylish – crazy-cool hairstyles, vibrant makeup colours, fun accessories – we also hate the fact that it can be a difficult task to maintain the look that we compose before leaving our house, throughout the entire day. But no worry – we’ve rounded up for you a few simple tricks to waterproof your hair and makeup, so that you’re party-ready all summer long:

>> A messy topknot is a perfect look for a summer day (the messier it is, the better it looks, so you don’t have to worry at all about touch-ups), but if you want to transfer your bun into a semi-formal style for nighttime, all you have to do is comb it back and use a few hairpins to deal with stray hairs, spray it with a bit of hairspray, then seal it all in with a few minutes of heat from the hair dryer.

>> Avoid powder-based makeup which run the risk of melting and smudging, and go instead for creamy textures that will stay put even if you start sweating.

>> Keep the shape of your eyebrows intact by using a clear wax-based brow pencil, such as Brow Set Clear Wax, instead of powder makeup or coloured brow pencils, which may very well smudge during the day as you brave the summer’s heat.


>> If you want your hair to maintain its straight & glossy look throughout the entire day, whether you’re going to the pool, the beach or the gym, don’t forget to apply a bit of anti-frizz conditioner or spray, which will form a waterproof layer over your entire hair, protecting it from moisture. My personal favourites? Lee Stafford Poker Straight Dehumidifier and Living Proof No Frizz Conditioner. Tried and tested!

>> In order to benefit 100% from protection against sweat, apply a layer of antiperspirant before going to bed, so that the formula has time to penetrate your skin before you start sweating at all. Reapply in the morning after showering and you’re good to go!

>> Revive a head of messy and sweaty hair by spraying it with a dose of dry shampoo. It will make you look like you’ve just had a professional blowout, all in the span of 30 seconds. Don’t forget to apply it thoroughly at the roots of your hair, to benefit from its full power.

>> Want to avoid looking like you’ve just ran a couple of miles without stopping? Go for a matte makeup. Use a mattifying base and the keep blotting tissues or a mattifying cream at hand throughout the day, for touch-ups.

>> If however you want to avoid running to the ladies room all day long in order to restore the matte texture of your makeup, just embrace your natural summer glow. Go for a glossy look and you’ll look extra radiant all day.


>> If you happen to be in a hurry – say, you have to run straight from the pool to another place and have absolutely no time to re-style your hair, use this super-effective quick fix: Pat the roots of your sweaty, messy hair with blotting papers, which will absorb the extra moisture. It will instantly refresh your hair. If you’re still not happy with the way it look, a cool headband which you can either wear around your head, or use to tuck it back to expose your forehead and conceal roots, is the perfect solution.

>> The perfect summer hairstyle? Braids! Do a simple braid or even a fishtail one and don’t worry about making it look perfect. The messier, the better! Moreover, a messy braid means that you needn’t worry about how it looks throughout the day. Alternatively, you can simply twist your hair and pin it up however you like, for a super young & fresh look.

>> If you have naturally straight hair, once you start sweating, it will surely end up lifelessly sticking to your head. Pump up the volume by tying it into a topknot, spraying it with hairspray, sealing it in with a few minutes of hair dryer heat, and then letting it down and styling it with your fingers.

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Photos courtesy of: inspiredbymuses.wordpress.com, herblog.com, stylesnack.com