August 7, 2013

Beauty Tips: Prolong The Life Of Your Makeup Tools


Quality makeup tools come with equally high prices, but the investment is 100% worth the effort. Learn how to take care of your greatest allies when it comes to applying makeup, so that you can enjoy their help for a very very long time.

>> Avoid keeping your makeup bushes in damp places (such as the bathroom). With every steaming shower, their life expectancy considerably lowers its level.

>> Avoid keeping them in direct sunlight as well. (For instance, right near a window).

>> Clean your makeup tools regularly. This not only lowers the risk of infections, but also increases their life. Wash your brushes once a month and your applicators once a week.

>> Wash your makeup brushes with a bit of gentle shampoo, but don’t ever let them soak in any kind of liquid, in an attempt to get rid of bacteria. The bristles will immediately start to fall of..

>> Don’t ever use a blow dryer to dry your brushes after having washed them – instead, let them dry out naturally.


>> Your eyelash curler and your eye/lip pencil sharpener also need regular cleaning, so that you may enjoy them for a long time, as well as in order to prevent contacting infections. Don’t wait for rust to set in – make sure to take the sharpener apart and clean every nook and cranny to eliminate every bit of residue. As for the eyelash curler, wipe it once a week with a tissue soaks in makeup remover and don’t forget to regularly replace the disposable rubber part.

>> When you clean your makeup brushes, don’t ever let them dry with the bristles oriented upwards – this can let water seep into the handle and loosen the power of the glue holding the bristles in place.

>> Keep makeup tools separately from your makeup products, for two reasons – this way, you can avoid staining them and also, you will avoid the risk of breaking/damaging them while your hurriedly rummage through your makeup bag.

>> This last piece of advice also goes for when your are traveling – even more so, I should add, as the risk of your makeup tools breaking or getting damaged in your suitcase is quite high if you simply throw them in haphazardly.


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