January 26, 2013

Beauty Tips: How To Avoid “Hat Hair”


For a few seasons now, head accessories have been invading the runways. And I’m not talking about ”accessories” such as cascading curls or sleek waves reminiscent of fairytale princess looks, but real accessories, such as hats, caps and even beanies, one more stylish and more attractive than the other.

Whether you choose to wear a cozy fur hat for a glamorous look, a sporty cap paired with an urban outfit, a wide brim hat for an ultra chic allure or a cute knit hat for a flirty look, this winter, make a statement by wearing a stylish head accessory with pride.

What do you do, however, when you have to take off your hat and your previously perfect hairstyle has to suffer? Learn a couple of tips & tricks to make sure that you never get to experiment the dreaded ”hat hair” effect:

 Neutral Knitting Hat

>> Usually, the base of the hair is the one that gets damaged by the heat trapped under your hat, so make sure that you have some dry shampoo handy, so that you can refresh your roots once your hat is off.

>> To keep your hairstyle intact even after you take your hat off, wash and dry your hair thoroughly before putting on any type of headgear. Blow-dryed hair or hair that’s straightened with an iron will keep its shape much longer.

>> Don’t ever wear a hat over damp hair, as your roots will stick to your scalp and you’ll lose any volume in your hair.

>> Wear your hat in the direction that you want your hair to stay when you take it off. If you have bangs, don’t ever push them backwards and if you have straight hair and you don’t want it to end up curly, never trap it under the hat. On the other hand, if you do have wavy hair and want to keep your curls bouncy, without flattening them, twist them into a messy topknot under your hat and all you have to do when you take it off is to untwist it and style our hair with your fingers.

>> If your hair gets frizzy under a hat, spray a bit of anti-frizz hairspray onto it, or apply a drop of moisturising hair oil, to tame it down.

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Photos courtesy of: valse-boston.livejournal.com, gossipcaroline.blogspot.com