April 24, 2013

Beauty Tip For Fabulous Lashes: The Mascara Fan Brush


For me, the hardest part of choosing a new mascara has always been finding the perfect brush. Sure, the consistency of the formula and the darkness of the pigment have their particular importance, but in my opinion, the difference between a truly ”wow” effect and the Kim Kardashian ”spider lashes” effect stands mostly in the perfect application technique.

I’ve tried them all: straight brushes, curved brushes, thick brushes, slim brushes, even vibrating brushes – but now, a new application technique threatens to make any other method of transferring mascara onto your lashes obsolete, promising a natural effect and a luminous gaze.

In the backstage of some of the most important shows at Fashion Week, such as Balmain or Isabel Marant, makeup artists used a special fan-shaped brush instead of the usual brush provided with every tube of mascara, for stunningly thick and rich lashes, devoid of any nasty clumps.

Happily, applying mascara with the help of a fan brush doesn’t require the special skills of a makeup artist – you can do it just as well!

Start by applying mascara on the tip of the fan brush with the regular mascara wand applicator, until you’ve transferred enough product onto it. Place the tip of the fan brush at the base of your lashes and use the same technique as you always do to put on mascara, focusing on the roots for more definition and applying less and less pressure as you reach the tips, for a natural result. Repeat the same for your lower lashes and voilà – fabulous lashes in the blink of an eye!


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Photo courtesy of: redhairstyles.mikti.com