February 4, 2013

Beauty SOS: Quick Fixes For Any Situation


It surely has happened to you to be in a hurry and notice that you’ve stained your favourite LBD with deodorant marks or have applied a bit more perfume than you’d have liked to, right? Keep in mind these smart beauty tricks to ensure that you can get out of any unpleasant beauty situation in no time:

To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth – Right after applying lipstick, place a finger perpendicularly between your lips, just like you would with a lollipop, and carefully pull it out, to remove any excess colour. Additionally, you can cover your front teeth with an extra fine film of clear lipgloss, so that the lipstick won’t adhere to them.

To get rid of an ingrown hair – Carefully clean the affected area, then use a pair of pointy tweezers to grab the hair and pull it out in the direction of its growth. After that, apply a bit of antibiotic ointment to avoid an infection. If the area is still showing signs of inflammation, you may also use a product that has glycolic acid among its components, to reduce inflammation as well as any redness.

To deflate puffy eyes – Apply two ice-cold teabags onto your eyes for a few minutes to diminish swelling and then dab a bit of eye cream with caffeine under the eyes, with slow, circular motions.

To quickly get rid of a blemish – If it’s a blemish that has already developed puss, in the form of white liquid, disinfect the area and apply a warm washcloth over it to open the pore, then gently remove the puss. If it’s a future blemish, which presents itself as a red bump that slightly hurts, apply an ice cube over it for a couple of minutes, followed by a few anti-redness eye drops which will work just as well in this case. After this, you may apply a cream containing benzoyl peroxide, one of the most powerful antiacneic substances.

To quickly replace deodorant – If you somehow happened to forget to apply deodorant before leaving home, use a wet wipe to remove any sweat, then dab a bit of scented hand cream under your arms.

To deal with excess perfume – If you’ve happened to be overzealous when applying perfume, neutralise it with a bit of non-scented body lotion or with the help of a few wet wipes.

To get rid of white deodorant stains – Remove the affected garment and wipe it clean with a towel or any other piece of textile (if you don’t have anything handy, rubbing the fabric against itself will also do the trick). Don’t forget to remove any excess deodorant from your skin with a tissue before getting dressed again.

To remove mascara clumps – Clasp your lashes between your fingers with a tissue and slowly and gently pull from the roots to the exterior. After that, separate them with a special comb and define them with a bit of clear mascara.

To replace shaving cream – Use conditioner or massage oil. It’s even possible that you notice you’ll shave more smoothly with one of these than with your regular shaving cream.

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Photo courtesy of: lookfab.dk