July 12, 2013

Beauty SOS: How To Fix A Crisis In No Time


What do you do when you get out of the shower and realise that no matter how fast you go, there is simply no way for you to be able to dry and style your hair on time, or when you see that your mascara is nearly empty, but you really need to look polished? Don’t panic! Instead, take a look at our tricks for quickly solving any type of beauty crisis than may arise:

>> During the summer, it’s good to always keep a couple of mattifying tissues on you, but if you happen to run out, and your complexion is starting to get out of control, you can try dabbing a bit of solid antiperspirant under your eyes and on your T-zone using your finger.

>> When your mascara is nearly empty and dry, use a few drops of artificial tears (you can find them at the drug store, or, if you happen to wear contact lenses, you probably already have some in your house), to force another application of mascara.

>> If you’ve completely run out of mascara and want to quickly define your lashes, take a thin brush with a pointy tip and paint tiny dots of black or dark brown liquid eyeliner at the base of your lashes and in between them. This technique will instantly make them look thicker and more defined.

>> Make your legs look skinnier in an instant by applying a thin layer of subtle bronzer and then drawing a line of shimmering powder along the middle of each leg with a thick brush.

>> If you’re in a hurry and know that there’s no way for you to fully dry and style your hair without running late, focus on the top layer. Make sure you dry all your hair, but concentrate your efforts of curling/flat ironing/round brushing the exterior portion of your hair, which will, for the moment, cover the mess underneath.

>> Running late and painting your nails is never a good combination. Most times, you end up smudging at least one fingernail. Fix it quickly without having to start all over, by pouring a bit of nail polish remover into the bottle cap, dabbing the pad of a finger into it and then gently dabbing it onto the smudged nail until you fix it. If necessary, apply another coat of colour and then use a quick-dry spray This time, sit tight for a few minutes, so that it has time to dry properly.

>> You’re invited to a super cool party but notice at the last minute that your roots are nowhere near the same colour as the rest of your hair? Refrain from experimenting at home at the last minute with hair dye. Instead, put your hair up in a messy bun and add a stylish hairband to conceal the ”disaster” in the prettiest and most seductive way. This also works for when you have no time to wash your hair before leaving home.

>> If you’ve just finished a gym session and don’t have the possibility to take a shower, a quick fix is to use a couple of wet tissues all over your body to get a fresh feel, then use a bit of baby powder to absorb the moisture. If you don’t have any baby powder at hand, you may also use a couple of blotting tissues.

>> If your makeup has melted because of the heat, wait a couple of minutes to cool down after getting out of the sun and then use a mattifying tissue to absorb the extra moisture. Don’t re-apply foundation, but redistribute the amount that’s already on your face with the help of a damp makeup sponge. If you’re wearing eyeliner, smudge it to create a smoky eye look and use a bit of liquid blush or a dash of lipstick for your cheeks.

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Photo courtesy of: labelledujourblog.wordpress.com