June 18, 2012

Beauty (full) things you need to know

You tend to take everything you hear for granted? Here are some myths you should know about.

Toothpaste is good against pimples 

False. Although it contains antibacterial substances, toothpaste has other ingredients that can irritate the skin. If you want to remove the sebum excess you can apply a clay mask and choose dermatological products to get rid of red spots and inflammation.

If you have darker skin you don’t need sunscreen

False. UV rays penetrate the skin and make it age faster, no matter what ‘s her natural color. Indeed, melanin, the substance that gives the skin color, acts as a protective factor, but it’s not enough so you don’t need to use protective creams.


Cold cucumber slices will de-puff your eyes

True. Cucumber is astringent and helps decongest the eyelids. Also, coldness restricts blood vessels, which reduces swelling and puffiness. Still, this treatment works temporarily and will not solve the water retention problem.

Mobile phone can make you break out

True. We know that the phones are a great source of microbes. Researchers even say that the average cell phone has more germs than a toilet seat. That’s why disinfecting your phone is good for keeping your skin clean.

Drinking tea makes your teeth yellow


Like wine, juice and coffee, drinking tea makes your teeth yellow. Ideally you should brush your teeth every time after drinking it, or at least try to use a straw, to minimize contact with your tooth enamel.



Cutting your hair will make it grow faster

False. No matter how much we would like it to be different, it seems that hair grows about half an inch per month, on average. However, you should trim your ends regularly, because this will make your hear look healthy.

 Photos: wbc2t.ru, sassisamblog.com, paperblog.fr