October 17, 2012

Beauty Advice: How To Make Your Blush Look Natural

When asked which is the single most indispensable item in their makeup bag, most women would tell you it’s their blush. Whether it’s applied along with the rest of your makeup, to make your cheeks look young and fresh, or used alone, when you simply don’t have time to pile up colours on your face, blush is one of the most useful makeup products that you can own.

It is however highly important that you apply it carefully, or else you risk looking like a 9-year old who has been rummaging through her mother’s makeup bag. Here are a few tips to ensure that your blush ends up looking natural, as if it’s coming from within:

>> Apply your blush only after you’ve finished the rest of your makeup routine. If you try applying it before, you’ll tend to go overboard, to compensate for the fact that your face looks pale.

>> Even if you choose to not apply any other makeup, don’t exaggerate with the blush. It needs to look natural, not like you’ve just run a good couple of miles without stopping.

Nick Barose, celebrity makeup artist, loved by Hollywood stars such as Emma Stone, Kim Catrall, Nicole Richie or Mischa Barton, recommends:

>> Blush should be well-blended around the edges. Don’t draw lines or circles on your face. Try a special brush with the help of which you can gradually build up colour in your cheeks, instead of piling it on in one motion.

>> After applying as mush as you’d like, use a special sponge to better blend in the edges, for a natural-looking effect.

>> Choose a colour that mimic the actual flush of your cheeks. The darker, the skin, the darker the blush should be, otherwise you’ll end up looking like a ghost.

>> Save the shimmering blush for evening. In daylight, all the shimmer will make your skin look dry and bumpy.

Photos courtesy of: beautygloss.nl, ilmiomakeup.it