December 12, 2012

Beat A Nasty Hangover With These Simple Beauty Tricks

The party season is here and the temptation to sip all night from glasses of delicious cocktails is high, but after a wild night and one drink too many, you know very well that the results will be there the next day to haunt you. Follow these simple tips in order to beat a nasty hangover, which has damaging effects not only on the inside of your body, but also on your appearance.

>> To prevent the negative effects of alcohol (out of which dehydration is the fastest and most visible one, when it comes to skin as well as hair), take a B12 vitamin supplement a few hours before leaving for the party.

>> Before going to bed, apply a B5 vitamin serum, which will help skin look good the next day, in spite of the nasty effects of drinking.

>> Try sleeping on an higher pillow or even two stacked pillows. Sleeping with your head elevated helps lymphatic drainage and prevents you waking up with puffy eyes.

>> If you’ve commited the ultimate sin – sleeping with your makeup on – the first thing you need to do when you wake up is wipe off any makeup residue from your face and apply a moisturising cream.

>> Hydrate both your interior and your exterior. Drink plenty of water and spray a bit of ice-cold thermal water on your face.

>> Apply caffeine-based serums to treat dark circles and puffy eyes. Also, you may apply two warm green tea bags to your eyes in the morning for a few minutes.

>> Don’t try to hide the effects of a night out drinking with a ton of makeup the next day. Stick to a dab of concealer and a thin film of light foundation or BB cream.

>> Apply a beige eye pencil to your waterline before applying mascara. It will make your eyes look bigger and well-rested.

>> Use a hint of highlighter on your cheekbones to fake a fresh glow.

>> If you ended up with huge dark circles, forgo any heavy eye makeup such as smoky eyes or thick lines of black eyeliner.

>> A bold lipstick also does wondering in distracting attention from tired-looking eyes.

>> Transform your mangled and slept-on mane into a stylish hairdo in just seconds, by styling it into a messy topknot.

>> If you happen to have red eyes, try a few drops of Visine to clear them up.

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