June 12, 2013

Be The Star Of The Beach With The Summer’s Hottest Accessories!


Each summer, I’m somehow inevitably bound to see some girl on the beach struggling to get across the sand in wedges, tightly clutching her boyfriend’s arm, or even one that has so many metal chains wound around her neck, that when she runs towards the water, it reminds me of my broken doorbell back at home.

A good deal of the accessories that we can easily pull off at a café by day or at a pool party by night, aren’t really appropriate for the beach, but this doesn’t mean that if you find yourself by the seaside, you should forgo accessories altogether. Absolutely not! All you have to do is learn how to choose the right ones:

 beach accessories

>> Forget about small, delicate jewelry, such as gold/silver pendant necklaces or tiny crystal earrings. Go instead for statement pieces, such as massive bead necklaces or plastic cuff bracelets.

>> Don’t lug around a gem collection that would make even Ali Baba jealous. Keep the precious jewels for nighttime parties by the pool, and go for plastic, bead, wood, bamboo or mother-of-pearl accessories for when you’re at the beach.

>> A hat is not only a chic accessory, it’s also an absolute must for those sunny summer days. Find out how to find the perfect hat for your face shape right here.

>> You could be tempted to think that hair elastics are a very trivial accessory, one that is more useful than chic, but if you choose a set of fun hair elastics, such as the ones by Marc Jacobs, you’ll see that they can easily transform into a couple of super cool bracelets, once you remove them from your hair.

>> Leather purses have no business being on the beach, so arm yourself with a cute raffia, plastic or canvas beach tote.

>> Protect your eyes, as well as the sensitive skin around them, with a pair of sunglasses, which will also make you looks stylish and mysterious. Not sure which style woull better suit your features? It’s very easy to find out!

>> A flower pinned in your hair (or even a flower headband, it you’re daring enough), will give you an ultra-romantic and feminine look.

>> An oversize scarf will prove to be your most prized accessory on the beach – use it as a pareo which will help you camouflage the parts of your body that you don’t want to put on display, wear it as a turban for an exotic allure, or use it to pull your hair back for a very feminine look.

>> You can very well rock a watch at the beach, as long as you make sure it’s waterproof. Sporty styles, such as ones in plastic or rubber, are very IN right now.

>> Don’t even think about wearing platforms at the beach (heels are of course out of the question). You will regret it as soon as you place your first step on the sand, and you’ll feel your entire foot being buried into it under your weight. Why would you want to anyway, when so many designers have created a plethora of ultra-stylish flat sandals, as well as a myriad styles of sporty-chic flip flops for you to wear at by seaside.


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