October 14, 2013

Bambi Givenchy and the ace up his sleeve

Givenchy Bambi Vogue China

Let’s face it. Bambi has never been Mickey, but, a few weeks coming, we can say that Mickey has yet to hope one day become what Bambi is this fall-winter season. And what is that? A couture idol! Givenchy took the little deer from Disney’s drawings and brought his gracious legs and big big eyes from the podium straight to covers, shootings and stars’ chests.

And if Bambi already is in places and situations imagined only by Givenchy, but not also in your wardrobe, don’t worry for having arrived late at the ball! Besides the adorable/rock tops that dot VIP dressings with what holds tremendous promise of becoming a cult piece, for the connoisseurs, Bambi still has a card up his sleeve, ok, fur. We can wholeheartedly invest in a Givenchy clutch or bag worth leaving our grandchildren to. Even the idiom seems to have captured new meaning this time, isn’t it?

Givenchy Bambi


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Photo sources: Givenchy, papuatattoo.com