August 7, 2014

Fashion shopping on eBay!

eBay and fashion? Yes, you’ve heard it right. And by account of quite a few signals, we’d also buy right! The fashion industry is just as important among its customers as it is for the businesses involved. Historic and renowned fashion houses, young designers recently awarded for their ingenuity and talent and, similarly, stores with years of celebrity behind them – Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue or Bergdorf Goodman – and start ups with revolutionary apps – Stylinity, Clothes Horse and many, many others – but also brands with altogether distinct reputations that also want a slice of the pie.

Apple, Amazon, and also eBay are working hard for transforming what seems to be science fiction into science fashion!

And here is why labels are choosing to be distributed by names that in the subconscious of many of us are not associated with anything more stylish than a book and nothing hipper than a music album, and also why you might feel compelled to do the same…

! the world is changing, and consumers and the establishment are equally involved in shaping it. And it’s rather unlikely that they’re all wrong. And very likely that the advantages they find be also accessible to you!

! we have increasingly less free time and we are progressively more unlikely to want to spend it doing anything but relax. So, why don’t we try mixing together recreational shopping with the more practical kind?!

! if, should we be talking about any other product, you’d have at your disposal a service whose quality has been proven by millions of people worldwide, wouldn’t you give it a chance?

! if Badgley Mischka, Calvin Klein, Nicole Miller or Rebecca Minkoff mean something, why wouldn’t it also as a pro argument for something they’ve already said yes to?

The questions have been asked. Now it’s time to choose. With the heart and mind. As the competition says … Smart is beautiful!

eBay fashion

Amazon fashion


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