May 10, 2013

Awareness, learning and action. Trafficking classes for men who pay for sexual services

The CNN Freedom Project

Data correlated between organisational and research sources estimates the number of people living in a form of modern enslavement up between 20 and 30 million. It is often that this inhuman treatment takes the ’’historic’’ shape of slavery. The dynamic of the phenomenon sees a cross border traffic of, overwhelmingly women and children, somewhere between 600 and 800 000 people each year.

The CNN Freedom Project

One among the voices speaking up about this global tragedy is The CNN Freedom Project. They research data bases and carry out investigations to show the world the monstrous proportions of the otherwise hard to imagine modern day slavery and to tell the chilling stories of children, women and men. It is about awareness, learning and action.

The same steps are also being walked through by the Brooklyn district attorney’s office with men held for soliciting sexual services. They are being offered a deal to avoid going to prison. Being given a trafficking class and then, if they don’t commit the offence again within 6 months, their record is cleaned.

Project Respect has them faced with the realities of the criminal chain that fuels and spreads like a web behind prostitution, gets them educated concerning the health and violence implications of their practice and speaks to them, through the voice of a woman they otherwise would have never heard, about her life and about the human trafficking having brought her in front of each of them.

The class teaches and sensitize, and the Brooklyn police says that over the 10 years, from the over 3 000 men included in the project, only 26 were arrested again.

The CNN Freedom Project

The CNN Freedom Project

Learn more about how you can help, about charities in each country, global organisations, hotlines and about those taking a stand and acting against slavery, and chime for change.


Through Chime for Change’s global reach and complex communication platform, people from all corners of the planet can get to know the issues affecting women today – be it on matters of education, health or justice – and choose a project, to then bring a contribution to the very specific chosen cause.

Chime for Change The Sound of Change Live

Chime for Change is organising, the 1st of June 2013, at London’s Twickenham Stadium, an extraordinary concert chiming for the cause. Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, Laura Pausini and Timbaland are only a few among the artists to also root for change on the night of the charitable show. The revenues from ticketing are to be directed to the Chime for Change project of each of the attendant’s choice.

So, buy your contribution to Chime for Change through a concert ticket or follow it live and share the experience with as many of your friends as possible.

You can also support the girls and women facing outstanding challenges each and every day, by chiming their remarkable life stories – distribute the Chime for Change materials – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – and encouraging those close to you to do the same or follow the steps Learn → Find a project → Support a project!


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Photo source: The CNN Freedom Project