September 27, 2016

Au Jour Le Jour S/S 2017 – eclectic references, sorority style

What is the percentage of students sourcing their outfits from Fashion Week runways? How about the odds for the concept of fashion fun reaching sorority party proportions? If the answers to both questions are difficult to give and tend to imply hardly positive estimates, then the possibility of the two unlikely scenarios colliding is even smaller. This if we don’t count the Au Jour Le Jour catwalk put together by Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez!

The Italian brand has imagined a spring-summer 2017 collection merging today’s young’s clothing code with Victorian flounces and prints stemming from the country wardrobe.

More precisely, the US prestigious schools’ uniforms thet engendered the preppy style have undergone transformations: the shirts have turned into frills-trimming dresses, the pinafores now belong to complex looks, worn over tops and skirts, and the cheerleaders’ anorak becomes a mini dress with sleeves reaching far beyond the tips of the fingers. The collection also showed simplified, contemporary-meant Victorian dresses.

If it took for yet another confirmation for this set’s sense of play, the color and pattern palettes leave no room for doubt. Their range encompasses virtually every bold colour and also features graphic displays from gingham to micro or maxi florals all the way to gradients and emblem-like embroideries.

Keeping with the collection’s main inspiration, the most frequently used fabrics are poplin and nylon. Contrastingly, sequins fully covering dresses, skirts and pinafores for a mirror-like effect have also been used.

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Photos: Au Jour Le Jour