February 4, 2013

Asia-Pacific taking Ferragamo to new heights and exchange rates on the mind of LVMH

Salvatore Ferragamo, the Italian shoemaker, as well as designer of leather accessories, ready to wear, perfumes, watches and jewellery, has taken full advantage of the potential for profit of 2012, as proved by a Ferragamo Group press release.

The consolidated income of EUR 1 152 million, a substantial growth of 17% over 2011, has been mostly made up of the strong sales of its footwear, a 20% hike, fragrances, 20% as well, and hand bags and leather accessories, 16%, collections.

The geographical distribution of these numbers puts Asia-Pacific on top, the EUR 429 million, 37% of the total, being reached after an 18% regional growth. South and Central America have also brought an upward dynamic of 27%, while Europe, 21%, and North America, 16%, have followed in the list of Ferragamo markets having seen positive performances.

Salvatore Ferragamo

The luxury conglomerate LVMH has also had an improved annual profit – 12% up – reaching EUR 3.4 billion. The group’s management is, none the less, connected to the latest currency fluctuations on its relevant markets, ready to sensibly adjust the prices of its products, as well as reassess Louis Vuitton, its main label’s, strategy in order to maintain and help fuel its overall upward track record.


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Photo source: fashionmagazine.com