May 3, 2013

Armani & Luxottica Present: Frames Of Life – An Eyewear Line With A Story


Armani glasses are definitely amongst our all-time favourites. No other eyewear label has ever managed to frame the face with such elegance as the perfect pair of Armani specs.


Launched in 2010 in collaboration with Luxottica, the ‘‘Frames Of Life” eyewear collection transfers the artisanal craftsmanship of the house, as well as the iconic shapes of Giorgio Armani’s creations, into eyewear, giving birth to unique pieces, fashioned out of top-class materials, with the help of innovative techniques.



The selected setting for the 2013 ”Frames Of Life” campaign just couldn’t be more chic – a busy café in a big city square with people hurrying to and fro, in which five characters with distinct, unique personalities and seemingly unintersecting lives, all have a single thing in common – Armani glasses, which serve to subtly contour and complement their appearance.

Four short clips unveil the stories, the emotions and the hopes of Luc, the writer who’s just published his first novel, Nina, the talented cello player in search for her first gig, Carlos, the young bartender with a burning love for cinematography and Lucille & Adrian, the couple of highly successful young architects.


Discover each ”Frames Of Life” story as it unfolds. Luc’s adventure, involving the launch of his first novel, has already been unveiled. Watch it here:


Pssst! Anxious? Discover Nina’s story in advance, right here:


To find out about the remaining adventures, stay tuned to

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Photos courtesy of: Armani Facebook

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