August 8, 2013

Armani introduces Sì. The new classic, exclusively at Harrods

Giorgio Armani Sì Harrods Cate Blanchett

A new Armani fragrance, dedicated to the designer’s mother, created by the fabulous Christine Nagel, adored by the fantastic Cate Blanchett and available exclusively at Harrods can only be a tremendous success, a classic in the making.

And like any perfume with an exceptional character of its own, Armani Sì has all of the ingredients to also become a personal classic of those wearing it – dizzying bergamot, mandarin oil and liquer de cassis, tones of rose de mai, neroli and jasmine and deep wood, amber and musk. Open to the personality of the woman having chosen it and yet impressing onto her skin and senses, its own sultry intensity.

Giorgio Armani Sì Harrods

Giorgio Armani Sì at Harrods is £ 44 for 30 ml, £ 63 for 50 ml and £ 85 for 100 ml.


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Photo sources: Harrods,