May 15, 2015

Armani Dolci is celebrating Ramadan

Armani always comes to meet its faithful clients’ needs and desires halfway while continuing to provide perfect examples of Giorgio Armani elegance. It is, of course, also the case of the chocolates and confectionery products line Armani Dolci.

As to the usual array of pralines, chocolate, marrons glacés, jams, cookies and even orange tree or eucalyptus flower honey, a Ramadan limited edition has been added.

The pralines conceived especially for being offered as a gift over this fasting period contain no alcohol or derivatives, while having a lush, exotic filling. The milk chocolate shell has a middle brimming with date cream, lightly roasted sweet almonds bits and a dash of bitter almond aroma. The 16 pralines box’s wrapping is, as well, an Armani-style dedication to Ramadan and Islamic art – its dominant colours: gold and jade-green make for a play of contrasts and textures that highlight the symbolic motif of the crescent.

The Armani Dolci Ramadan 2015 chocolates (EUR 29 per box) are available online and in the Kuwait City, Dubai (The Dubai Mall and The Mall of Emirates), Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur and Milan boutiques between the start of June and mid-July.

The Ramadan, this year, is held from June 17 to July 17.


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Photo: Armani Dolci