May 16, 2012

Aristocratic Modernity In the Chanel Resort 2013 Show

The Bosquet des Trois Fontaines garden within the Palais de Versailles, with its labyrinths of luxurious plants and its towering fountains, is truly the perfect setting for models wearing pastel wigs and double-C beauty marks to strut around presenting the Chanel Resort 2013 looks.

“Serious frivolity” is what Karl Lagerfeld went for, according to his own statement, when envisioning this collection. The result? Marie Antoinette meets 21st century fashion: a denim dress with a lace dickey and lace sleeves, a couple of micro-culottes – très french, alongside romantic tulle tops, feminine frilly dresses, cascades of immaculately white lace, gold embroidery and detailed appliqués, as well as the classic Chanel staple – the bouclé deux-pièces.

Eighteenth century fashion is being revolutionised, thanks to drastic cuts of the hemlines, the adding of surprising materials, such as denim and leather, feminine pieces paired with platform sports shoes, as well as the appearance of a couple of seductive swimsuits. Intricate embroidery, pastel colours, floral prints, cascades of paillettes adorning dresses, as well as a myriad gold accents, braided along hemlines, helped preserve the nobility of the past, while the clothes kept their modern feel.

Making the models walk down the improvised runway in the gardens of the Palais de Versailles, along ultra-modern tunes such as MIA and a remix of Michael Jackson, Karl Lagerfeld has one again proven that his creative genius can make even a denim vest look aristocratic.

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