May 30, 2013

Video: Are You Ready For The Next 72 Hours?


If I had to choose just one makeup product from my beauty kit, it would definitely be mascara.

Especially during the summer, when I’m at the beach or at the pool, where I forgo all other makeup products aside from sunscreen, mascara is a total must-have for me, as it gives me that oh-so-sensual nude makeup look.

The new Max Factor Lashfinity 3 Day mascara promises to be this summer’s most sensational beauty find, thanks to the use of PermaHold technology, enabling it to guarantee a semi-permanent lash tint formula, which stays put on your lashes for up to 72 hours. What’s more, it comes with a specially-formulated remover, so that you can forget about scrubbing your eyes off with waterproof makeup remover, which, from my experience, is usually a great hassle.

 Max Factor Lashifiniry three day mascara

Just imagine: hot summer days on a sandy beach, cool nights at music festivals, long week-ends spent as you wish, without having to worry about re-applying your makeup. The new Max Factor Lashfinity 3 Day Mascara is workout-proof, sleep-proof, water-proof, shower-proof, flake-proof…basically life-proof. Are you ready for the next 72 hours?


Get your Max Factor Lashfinity 3 Day Mascara for €22, starting June 6th.

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