October 12, 2011

Anthony Vaccarello’s indecent sensuality

One of the remarkable shows of the first fashion week day has definitely been the one signed by the Italian-Belgian designer, Anthony Vaccarello.

Cité de la Mode et du Design hosted theVaccarello Spring/Summer 2012 presentation. The location is predestined to creative experiments since the place is the origin of the most innovative ideas begotten by the “Art” students. And Vaccarello’s collection may be said to have been an experiment too.

The designer seemed to have simply lost himself into cutting his clothes, revealing magnanimous cleavages of indecent sensuality. And if some pieces escaped his adroitly cutting hand, then, he directed his sharp scissors to the slits of the dresses. Not even gravity could oppose.

The cuts on one leg were taking a hazardous climb up quite close to the waist, making the models of the show look like genuine felids walking in swaying moves.

An exercise of unique clippings performed in the workshop to be turned into an exercise of sheer boldness before the mirror in the wardrobe. Fluid one-colour dresses were offset by tops accessorized with unbending metallic straps working both ways: aesthetically and functionally.

As for the prints, the designer tells us that next season we are going to live under the python skin’s dictatorship.

Photo credit: Vogue.fr