May 3, 2012

Anna Dello Russo created a fairytale collection of accessories for H & M

The editor in chief of Vogue Japan, Anna Dello Russo, worked with the Swedish brand H & M for a line of accessories that will be released this fall.

Anna admits that she is a “fashion victim”, absolutely crazy about fashion world, but admits she is especially attracted by accessories: “Accessories for me are a focus in my life, I collect them, everything special, everything sparkly” declared Anna for

So when H & M proposed her to collaborate, Dello Russo didn’t have any doubts that they will work together on a line of accessories, not clothing. The collection will include glasses, bags and shoes, but it will focus on imposing affordable jewelry. “I wanted to create precious accessories that are impossible to find. As a stylist I know accessorizing is essential: it is the personal touch to any outfit. With these pieces everybody can have fun, turning an ordinary day into a fantastic fashion day”, mentioned Anna dell Russo.


Anna dell Russo, arguably, the mod stylish editor in the world, has been inspired by her love of a colorful pop-up book version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, that she said it takes her to another reality. I bet she will create another reality of my closet. Mine and millions of other fans.

The official launch of the collection, worldwide, will take place on October 4. Can’t wait!