July 9, 2014

Angel or… not?!

Ermanno Scervino is leading a battle in our stead this summer. A fight between good and… even better, between angel and fallen angel. As his collection has at least these two sides to it. The one of an apparent infinite white. And the other, of lingerie-dresses made from nothing more than silk, lace and cleavage.

But at a closer look we can recognise that the two dimensions are blending into one another – between the pleats of his long, fluid designs bold shorts emerge while the length of hemlines and sleeves on almost turtleneck dresses faithfully reveals the shape of the body of the woman wearing it. Now it’s your turn. What side of one’s personality do you think the boudoir inspired creations of the Italian designer reveal?

I think we wouldn’t be mistaken if we said ’’the Kylie Minogue side’’!


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Photos: Ermanno Scervino