August 6, 2013

And fear not, we have the Sonia Rykiel pre-spring collection and it’s a rare delight

Sonia Rykiel pre spring 2014

Delicious, sweet and happiness-inducing like candy. Adorable as a pleated dress, as a knitted striped top. Cute like a bustiere and a bow-tied belt, delicate as rainbow-like shades of vanilla, pink and blue. Delightful like Sonia Rykiel, who revisits the most gracious of classics and has them all pretty and neat wrapped up with a bow, waiting for cherry blossoms to match.

There is still waiting to be done, but we can sit it out at Yoox for the Sonia Rykiel sophistication, at The Corner for the recently revamped dynamic Sonia by Sonia Rykiel and with sweet company from fashion’s world of wonders. Ah, the delights of waiting…


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Photo source: Sonia Rykiel