March 19, 2014

An invitation to Gucci Museo. On your mobile device or, of course, in Florence!

Have you already visited Gucci Museo? If not, and you’ve been to Florence, you must have noticed it. It’s the fabulous building of Palazzo della Mercanzia in historic Piazza Signoria! And if not, pin it down to your map, so that you won’t forget about it next time you visit, to get to see for real what you can now visit virtually – on your computer, tablet or phone – at!

Gucci Museo

The newly launched website allows for a 360o immersion into the full splendour of this 1337 building as well as into the exhibition spaces dedicated to the House’s over 90 year history of craftsmanship and symbols, but also its bounty of present artistic activities. From the Gucci archive, to the past of the Florentine square, and from contemporary art to the restoration of cinematographic masterpieces and film galas.

And, above all else, up to evening gowns to take your breath away and Gucci legends, such as Flora or Bamboo. But let me show you my favourites…

Gucci Museo


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Photos: Gucci Museo