May 22, 2012

An ingenious program for loosing weight

It’s true, we should care about how we look all the time, but the truth is that during spring and summer we feel more willing to invest time and energy in dieting and sports.

Therefore, the program initiated by the home delivery diet, Go! Go! Diet and the saloon Noblezza Beauty Lounge, it seems a good point to start. It is a program that offers an interesting solution for loosing weight, combining diet with helpful body treatments, for quick and lasting results.

The program is designed for the people who are trying to lose weight in a healthy way or simply for those who want to have a balanced lifestyle. The package is called Relax & Slim and contains the 2 weeks South Beach diet, 4 sessions of the infra packaging, 4 sessions of radiofrequency and 2 sessions of lymphatic drainage. Relax & Slim program costs about €450.